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My article with Steve Sexauer, “Debunking 7½ Myths of Investing” (Journal of Investing, Spring 2022) has been designated first runner-up for the 2022 Peter L. Bernstein Award, which is awarded each year in Peter’s memory to the best paper published by Portfolio Management Research.

The journal adds, “This is no small feat as it means your paper came in second out of over 500 papers published last year across our portfolio of 11 journals, which include the Journal of Portfolio Management.”

Peter was a great friend and mentor. This means a lot to me.

Click on the article title to read the abstract and author bios. The article is accessible to Journal of Investing subscribers only; e-mail me for a personal copy.

My book, Fewer, Richer, Greener, in some very fancy company. Thanks to Tony Morley of https://twitter.com/lumenprogress! The book covers, by the way, are an excellent reading list on progress, economic history, futurism, and environmental pragmatism.

Source: Tony Morley, https://twitter.com/lumenprogress