Ten Years After – Reflections on the Global Financial Crisis

Laurence Articles

with Luis Garcia-Feijóo

Welcoming Remarks by Andrew W. Lo:

It is a pleasure and an honor for me to welcome you to this companion volume to the 2008 Financial Crisis: A Ten-Year Review, a conference that took place on 8–9 November 2018 at the NYU Stern School of Business in New York City. All of the key stakeholders related to the 2008 crisis were represented at this historic gathering. To quote Lin-Manuel Miranda, we had all the folks “who were in the room where it happened.” Alas, I was not even in the hallway connected to the room outside the room where it happened, so I was thrilled to be able to hear from these individuals, and in these pages and at www.annualreviews.org/page/financial-conference-livestream, you can hear from them too.

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