Living with Risk: The COVID-19 Iceberg

Laurence Articles

Sooner or later, the threat of the novel coronavirus epidemic will fade. The virus will not be eradicated, but we will adapt and learn how to live with the risk of SARS-nCoV-2infection. (The virus will also adapt, something very much on the minds of researchers and public health officials.)

Our parents, grandparents, and ancestors lived with the risk of polio, smallpox, plague, cholera, typhus, and a host of viruses and bacterial infections in the epic battles between human beings and infectious disease. They didn’t live happily with these risks, but humanity survived. In fact, it has thrived. How do we know? Today the world population is about as large, healthy, and wealthy as it has ever been, which gives a clue as to who is winning the never-ending war between viruses and human beings.

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