Henry Kissinger on the Promise and Threats of AI

Laurence Articles

At this horrible moment in history, with Israel waging a war on multiple fronts and Ukraine fighting for its independence. it’s reassuring that serious thinkers have long been reflecting about national and global security. They are considering the way that AI will interact with military and strategic matters. Thus, The Age of AI (And Our Human Future), by Henry Kissinger, Eric Schmidt, and Daniel Huttenlocher, is keenly relevant even though the book is two years old, an eternity in AI-space.

The book is not a great read. It’s wordy, repetitive, and jargon-filled. But, in light of our onslaught of challenges, Chapter 5, “Security and World Order” (pages 135-176), is worthwhile. I begin my review with some comments on that chapter and then move on to the economics of AI and related topics.

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