Conference Roundup: Cullen Roche on Why We’re All Active Investors

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Cullen Roche, an Encinitas, California chicken farmer, heterodox thinker, monetary theorist, blogger (, and investment manager specializing in taxable portfolios spoke at the Foundation Financial Officers Group (FFOG) semi-annual conference in Santa Barbara on October 24, 2018. He is the founder of Orcam Financial Group. In addition to my other roles I am the investment thought leader for FFOG, and I invited Cullen to speak. His presentation was full of unusual insights and unique perspectives.

What investments don’t you have? Have you made an affirmative decision not to hold equities in Bangladesh, residential real estate in Vancouver, private debt funds invested in lithium mines in Bolivia? Have you analyzed every small-cap stock, every corporate and municipal and mortgage bond, and every hedge fund or private equity opportunity and decided not to hold any of them (or to hold just a selected few)?

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